Having difficulties with WiFi or your network? Need a new power supply? Want to upgrade the RAM or the hard drive? Looking for a better virus protection? Do you want your system upgraded to the latest version of Windows Mac OSX or Linux? Lobo Savvy can provide service for all of your computer needs. Hardware, software, and general computer maintenance.

We work on your equipment in your office or home. We can handle any job, large or small, regardless if it is a 20 year old mini computer, brand new laptop, balky laser printer, or wiring your home or office.

Rates and Charges

  • Our standard rate within the local service area is $80 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.
  • For charitable organizations such as churches and non-profits, our rate is $40 per hour
  • Our local service area is a 50 mile radius from our office in Walsenburg, Colorado.
  • For service calls beyond 50 miles, we charge driven mileage at a rate of 55 cents per mile plus time.
  • For other modes of travel such as airline, we charge actual travel cost and time.
  • For jobs over 3 hours travel time, we may charge actual costs for per diem. Rates vary according to location, not to exceed national standard rates set by GSA.

Websites and webhosting

We provide hosting for individuals as well as WordPress. org websites. We provide training, setup and support services. Hosting rates are negotiated for each individual and start as low as $10 per site per month. Site setup and training starts at $100.


We are very proud of our green, low energy and small form factor products. We custom build a variety of servers to fit the needs of small businesses or home offices. While the low cost and energy savings are impressive, the real feat is our reliability. Any of our Six-Sigma Series products carry a five year limited guarantee of 99.9966% uptime… That’s less than 9 minutes unscheduled downtime over those five years.

The newest product from Lobo Savvy Technologies is the Six-Sigma Series Firewall. This firewall was designed from the ground up as a green solution, consuming a tenth of the power of a comparable device. It has multiple zones for trusted networks, VoIP devices, and servers, each firewalled from the world as well as each other following the rules you set.

  • It is a green solution consuming approximately 20W of power.
  • It is designed to be reliable with no moving parts to wear.
  • It can go anywhere. It comes in either a desktop, wallmount, or rackmount case.
  • It requires no special environment.
  • Administration uses intuitive graphical web pages making it easy for novice and expert alike.

And the cost is less than you think. The Six Sigma Series Firewall can be your solution for only $699.95 plus installation. Optional maintenance and support contracts (recommended) are available at additional cost.

Managed WiFi System

This system allows wireless access across home or office with no gaps and ‘bullet proof’ security. Centrally managed, this system will recognize authorized users, regardless of which access point they are connected to. Unauthorized users and foreign equipment is recognized and flagged. The integrated software provides traffic management to optimize and prioritize the data flow, keeping the speed at maximum. Systems start at $159.98 with a one year contract, and management fee of $10 per month. the management fee service includes free replacement or repair of any malfunctioning system, as well as free upgrades during the life of the contract.

File Server
This product gives all computers on the network access to common files as well as secure storage for backups and sensitive information. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and even mixed environments, this is a cornerstone in any office.

The File Server has passed all preliminary testing and is currently being offered to early adopters. After our test machine passes our in house reliability certification, it will be offered as the newest member of our Six-Sigma Series line up. The price is dependent upon the capacity required, so give us a call and we’ll build one to fit your needs.

Consolidated Business Application Server
Imagine a single device which contains:

  • User authentication.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Telephone PBX functionality
  • Internal web and mail services (intranet)
  • Document management.
  • Accounting & point of sale (POS) functions
  • Business Intelligence

All modules listed above share a common data repository Entering data once in one module makes it available in all of them. Better still, there are no per seat license fees. Serve 1 or 500 users for the same low price.

This consolidated business applications server is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be ready by year end for early adopters. After our test machine passes our in house reliability certification, it will be offered as the newest member of our Six-Sigma Series line up. Stay tuned!