Our Mission

Serving our customers and our community is the driving force for Lobo Savvy Technologies, LLC.  We are:


Confused after listening to someone reading a script and still not having a solution to your problem? Frustrated with waiting on hold for an hour to be told “sorry, it’s out of warranty.”? Tired of wondering if you really communicated your issue with that telephone support technician despite a language barrier?

LoboSavvy is in the business of IT support. We provide support for local businesses and our techs have over 2 decades of experience on average.


Our economy demands new or alternative business models. Smart businesses are upgrading only when necessary, but software companies frequently orphan hardware and software making it difficult to find support. Have you ever felt pushed into upgrading a machine or software for no other reason than to get support?

LoboSavvy provides IT support, regardless of the make, model, or age of the hardware or software.


When does free software cost more to implement than software that costs real money? What’s the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? How can we find relevant data when everyone is yelling their biased opinion?

LoboSavvy provides the widest range of software options for businesses without regard for vendor or license structure. Our goal is to help local businesses find the best fit.


Have you ever wondered why “sustainable” “green” or “carbon neutral” technologies are labeled sustainable, while some real solutions are not? Are we sacrificing the sustainability of our businesses and livelihood for another type of sustainability? Why can’t we have both since a reduction of consumption saves both money and the resource?

LoboSavvy provides appropriate technology solutions and ways to trim costs and reduce resource dependencies. That’s sustainability. 

We strive to:

  • Solve Issues: No one really needs the latest and greatest of anything. Sure, you want it, but working smarter instead of harder dictates that we keep what we have and use it in new ways. We provide innovative solutions for your business whether they relate to computers, networks, Internet access, or communications. 
  • Inform: Business in this new economy is about sustainability. Doing more with less, getting the best value for money, and working with viable solutions are no longer just buzz-words. We provide the best information on software, hardware, business applications, and best practices. 
  • Give: Whether you believe in karma the Golden Rule, paying it forward, or some other aspect of this universal concept, giving back to the community is important. Providing computer classes, recycled computers for low income students, or donating to non-profits and libraries are ways Lobo Savvy supports the community.