Open Source

Imagine a world where software is developed by people who need it. The software becomes a tool instead of a product, and development is demand driven rather than sales driven. Once a solution has been created, then what? Since the production costs are absorbed by the original developers, becoming the first users of the software, the developers can freely distribute the software solution on the Internet. Once done, the costs of keeping it out there are trivial. Support and distribution become the new user’s problem, and create opportunities for technicians in the new user’s area. As more people use it, the program grows, matures, and becomes more user friendly.

What I have just described is the world of Open Source. Originally conceived to “scratch an itch”, these projects are allowed to take on a life of their own. The software is different as well, typically being more stable and secure than the commercial counterparts. This is because unlike commercial software where only a developer may see and contribute to the product, open source software is freely reviewed by any and all. Further, assistance from the global community is welcomed. With thousands of eyes on the code itself, bugs, vulnerability, and malice are caught quickly and dealt with. This transparency makes the product safe and secure.

Lobo Savvy has used open source software exclusively for years. We can find the solution you need for home or business. Our philosophy is that every situation has an answer and we do our best to find it. Evaluating systems or finding software for your computer is our forte. We provide the answers to your business questions whether they are related to computers, networks, Internet access, or communications. We consult with businesses of all types to find these “magic bullets”, little things that make all the difference. We are sensitive to organizational culture, making it possible to continue “business as usual” while we tune the process. 

For more information on Open Source software or hardware, check out these websites: Open Source Software, Open Source Initiative, and Open Source Hardware Association,  OSHWA