About Us

 We are located in Walsenburg, Colorado the heart of Huerfano County. (war-Fan-o… Orphan in Spanish) Tucked up against the mountains and looking out across the Great Plains, Walsenburg is the hub of this rural part of the state. Sitting across two major crossroads, it sees a great deal of traffic, but still retains a small town atmosphere. Along with that is the time warp quality where everyone knows their neighbors, schools are small and you can walk across town in fifteen minutes.

Lobo Savvy Technologies, LLC. is a business venture that started in 1988. In it’s present form, Aaron and Jaye began working to bring better computer services to Southern Colorado, but noticed that much more was needed. To this end, the computer repair business was expanded to include business support and computer products that just work.

Giving back to the community is important to us. We work with volunteer and non-profit organizations within the community, as well as the local school districts, and public libraries to share our expertise and knowledge.

As supporters of the Open Source Community, we are working with businesses and schools in the area to provide software and hardware solutions in communities where money is an issue. Our present economy has people making choices based on value. If we can help them stretch their cash by introducing them to free software, without loss of capability, everyone benefits.

Jaye Sudar, a Colorado native, started playing with computers over 20 years ago, but seriously started working with them in the last ten years. Tired of just using the computer for solitaire or email, she began to learn the ins and outs of various programs, software and basics of repair. At the same time, she stared working with Aaron as general office manager wrangling phone calls. When Aaron realized that she was good at basic tech support, the real learning began. When the the business was reorganized, Jaye took the reins as CEO.

Aaron Harper has been in the communications and computer business for over 30 years. He’s worked for a Fortune 500 company and other companies as a System Administrator. Most recently, he has run his own computer repair business and helped bring Internet services to rural areas. Lobo Savvy Technologies, LLC. is the latest incarnation that encompasses everything he has done before. Originally from Montana, Aaron traveled around the world courtesy of the military. Twelve years ago, he moved to Walsenburg and enjoys living near the mountains where he can indulge his passion for hiking and camping when the bytes get too much. When Jaye took over the responsibilities of CEO, Aaron returned to his first love, running the technology section of the business.